Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Update On Black Earth 2

So the time has come to where I have to hand Black Earth: The Broken Daisy over to my editor. Next Friday morning is when I am giving her the manuscript and I am still a fair distance from being finished. I am already a month or so over the point in time I wanted to give her the book. The novel novel's original word count was somewhere around 120,000 and now it hovers around 180,000. I started with over 600 side notes in the Microsoft Word document and I'm below 200 now. I have messed with the time/space continuum and introduced a whole cast of characters before the end of the first book that now I have a lot more than I'd like to keep an eye on.

I've realized that this is the biggest challenge I have ever undertaken when it comes to writing. I probably could have split this book into two and had book two and  three done at the same time, but I'm going to keep it all together as the second book in the series. It will give readers more to embrace while they wait for the third.

Most of the edits that I have left to do are consistency issues - dates, times, character wardrobes - all the little details that not all readers really pay attention to. This is an even bigger project because everything also has to tie in with my Expired Reality series that takes place 100 years from the events of Black Earth.

I'll have the novel done by next week. I think my editor is going to take a month to get her edits done and I should be able to release it to the public in August. Then it's back to the Expired Reality series. I should also have some cover art for everyone to look at in the next month and maybe an excerpt or two.

No rest for a creator of worlds. *sigh* :p

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