Friday, July 9, 2010

The Scope Of Impossibilities

For a while now, I've spoken on this blog of impossible things. God has carried my wife and I through a year of financial miracles, surprising us every month and drawing those around us closer to Him. Walking this journey has done more than just pay the bills. It's opened my eyes to God's true personality. I realize that God wants to do miracles in our lives. He wants to do the impossible. He wants to heal, He wants to come through with provision, He wants to help us walk out our purpose. It all depends on our willingness to follow Him, our willingness to walk out in faith.

Recently, my editor was diagnosed with breast cancer. If there's one disease I hate more than any other, it's breast cancer. My grandmother passed away of breast cancer years ago, and I have an bitter distaste in my mouth for the disease. The fact that my editor - a very close family friend and confidant - has it is bad news. But it's not impossible news.

See, I've seen with my own eyes what God can do. She's seen what God can do, in her own life and in the journey that my wife and I have been walking out over the last year. Most people don't realize that God specializes in impossibilities of all kinds - not just bringing in someone's rent for the last year. No, God is a God of healing. If you take a long hard look at the New Testament, you'll see that it was the majority of Jesus' ministry.  And I firmly believe His power isn't just limited to those 'old days'.

I believe my good friend will be healed. I believe she'll pull through this challenging time in her life. With the support of those around her that love and care for her, and a God that looks for impossibilities so He can show mankind His awesome power, she'll come through with an awesome testimony of God's absolute authority over all things...even cancer.

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