Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back Cover Copy

I've been working lately on the back cover copy for my upcoming novel, Black Earth: The Broken Daisy. Here's what I have so far. It still needs a brief grammatical editing. I want to make sure it's interesting enough to make someone want to pick up the book - for those that glance at the back cover first anyway. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks...

---------- Black Earth: The Broken Daisy - Back Cover Copy ----------

The stars have fallen, and the world is tilting into darkness…

With a bounty put on their heads by the President of the United States, and Theresa Ruin hot on their trail, Nathan Pierce and Sin Ruin venture through Tucson in an attempt to find Nathan’s sister, Daisy, who is about to be executed for treason.

At a secret underground facility owned by a group named Vector, Heather Rhodes and Griffin Smith are reunited with old friends they knew before the church camp shootings. Heather struggles to find out what has happened to her longtime crush, Nathan, while Griffin befriends a time-traveling stranger who may be able to give Griffin the answers he seeks about his past.

Paths will collide while a frightening entity known only as Legion begins to engulf the world in darkness, forcing those that are still alive to fight against it’s malevolence or lose their humanity to it.

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