Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lost Birth Is Off To The Editor

Well, it was close, but I made my deadline and finished revisions/rewrites to Lost Birth last night. I just hit SEND on the email transfering it to the very capable hands of my editor, and now it feels like a huge burden just lifted from my shoulders. Isn't that how it usually feels when one finally finishes a manuscript?

Now that the book is out of my hands, it's time for some R & R. Heading to California for a little bit to see family and get out of this heat. Supposed to be 95 here in Arizona this coming weekend, but only 69 where we're heading. :)

Next week I will be starting work on Dark Horizon, the third book in the young adult series I will be releasing this summer. I also got back edits to Endangered Memories, the first book, so I'll be working on those at the same time. I'll also be getting back to posting, and to my usual marketing efforts. I hate having to put everything to the side to have finished Lost Birth, but it was a necessity.

I'll see all of you when I come back. Enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

Woot!!! I know I am personally very excited to check out the new series. Have a great vacation!!

Unknown said...

Thanks! :D

Unknown said...

Congrats on the completion! That's always a happy-dance worthy moment. Have fun on your vacation, rejuvenate your creative cells, and best of luck with the next book.

Unknown said...

Thanks, K. I had a great time in Cali and I'm back at the writing desk to start work on book 3 in the series. :D