Monday, June 25, 2012

The New Website Is Live!

After months of tinkering and toiling, my new website - - is finally up and running! I would love for all of you to check it out when you get a chance. There's lots of new content that wasn't found in the old site, and personally I think this is the best design I have come up with to date.

Some things to mention -

The website now houses the official Expired Reality/Black Earth Timeline. This Timeline encompasses certain key events in both series, giving a streamlined view at the chronology of events throughout both novel series. As more books are released, more information will be added to the Timeline.

One great thing about the Timeline, is that some of the entries tie in with the next big thing on the website -

The Compendium.

The Compendium is an expansive database of information from both the Black Earth and Expired Reality series, all contained in eight categories - People, Worlds, Science and Technology, Artifacts, Businesses, Otherworldly Beings, Locales, and Terms. New entries under these categories will be added to the Compendium each week starting August 1st.

Within certain entries you will find the Classified stamp. These are information panels that will be added at a later time.Some of the entries in the Timeline, such as Nathan Pierce's birthday, tie in with the Compendium, such as Nathan Pierce's profile. Both the Timeline and the Compendium will continue to weave information together seamlessly to give you, the reader, a more immersive experience in the worlds of both my book series.

Right now with the debut of the new website, there are seven profiles which have been added to the Compendium ready for your reading pleasure. These are:
Muriel's Box under Artifacts
Lysallis under Locales
Nathan Pierce under People
Vine Magnate under Otherworldly Beings
Pulse Science under Science and Technology
Sunshine Cola under Businesses
Calamiro under Worlds
And a handful of Terms 

Every new information panel or entry that is added to the Compendium will be announced on the home page of the website, along with major Timeline additions.



Tiffany said...

So will you be shutting this site down soon?

Unknown said...

Nope. This is strictly my blog, and my website is another beast altogether. They will both stay open. :)