Friday, April 12, 2013

April Update

As most of you have noticed, I've been away from this blog for the past couple months. It's a very long story as to why I was MIA from social media in general, but for the moment I'll simply give all of you an update on what I'm currently working on and what projects are on the horizon.

Most of my time at the moment has been spent getting settled in California. Back in August, my wife and I were called to become part of a church plant in San Francisco called Canvas. Canvas won't officially launch as a church until September, but 25+ people from Arizona are in the process of relocating to the Bay Area to make this plant happen. My wife and I just finished securing our new place in Daly City, and we'll be moving in there next Monday the 15th. Once I'm completely settled, I'll be getting back into the full swing of my blogging routine, and I'll be plugging back into my online venues such as The Crossover Alliance and my own website.

Another piece of news is that today I'll be sketching out an outline to a brand new non-fiction project - a novel that details the journey of faith my wife and I have been on over the past few years. I've been meaning to begin this project for a while now, and I figure now that I'm finally getting settled with things I have the time to dig into it. This non-fiction novel is tentatively titled "Never Forsaken" - a title based on Psalm 37:25. A release date for this book has not yet been determined. For those of you who have been waiting for the third novel in my Expired Reality series, fear not because I am going to be working on it side-by-side with my new non-fiction project.

Over the course of the next month, I will be revamping many of my online channels. I'll be using MailChimp to help me craft and manage better email newsletters, Weebly or Moonfruit to help me streamline and polish my website, and Hootsuite to help me manage my FB and Twitter feeds more productively.

That's some of what I'll be working on over the course of the next couple of months. In the next couple weeks I'll be getting back into my blogging groove, and as soon as my aforementioned channels are updated, I'll let everyone know.

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