Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The LZR Project Release Date!

On Wednesday, June 18th, the very first episode of The LZR Project will be released in digital format. Episode #0 will be available through Gumroad, and will be made FREE to introduce everyone to the series. From there on, a new episode (40 in all) of The LZR Project will be available each Wednesday for a price of $1. Episodes will be available in PDF format so they can be read on nearly any digital device.

The LZR Project takes place long after my Black Earth series and shortly before my Expired Reality series, and tells the story of how the Lazerblades - David Corbin, Carrie Green, Veronica Amorou, Sean Amorou - and a unit of the Enera government came together to pursue and capture the known criminal, Mr. Big. 

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