Monday, April 26, 2010

A Novel Price

In the next couple weeks, the price of my paperback sci fi/fantasy novel, Black Earth: End of the Innocence, is going to go up. I made this decision based on a couple of different facts, the first being that the company that I go through to have the book printed,, has a fairly new distribution option that I am eligible for, but the price of my book has to be set higher than it currently is in order to qualify.

That being said, the distribution package isn't the only reason the price of my book is going up. When I was designing the cover for End of the Innocence, I made sure to leave off the price in the hopes that after my book made some rounds, I would raise it to where I think it really should be. Now is that time. $9.95 was a great price to introduce people to the first novel in my series and get people to pick up the book at book signings and the such.

If any of you haven't already purchase End of the Innocence, I would suggest doing so in the next week to grab it at the $9.95 price. When the price goes up, it will more than likely be set at $13.95 or $14.95. A final decision on which one it will be raised to hasn't been decided yet. The novel is the first of many I am working on for the Black Earth series. The second one, The Broken Daisy, will be released this summer.

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