Thursday, June 3, 2010

Black Earth Finally Available In Ebook Format!

Whew. That was a mess. I've been struggling for months now trying to get Black Earth: End of the Innocence into ebook format and have been failing miserably. I remember in the good ol' days when you simply had to convert your Word document into a PDF in order to distribute it as an ebook that people could read on their computers. That's still the case of course, but now there are reading devices like the Nook, the Kindle and other various types that use different formats like Epub, Mobi and LRF. I was ready to pull my hair out trying to find tutorials online to instruct me on how to format my manuscript for these devices.

Luckily, I came across a website called Smashwords. Smashwords takes my manuscript and pushes it through their Meatgrinder technology and out comes my ebook in all of the formats mentioned above (and more). They provide a manual for you to follow that explains step by step how to strip your Microsoft Word document of all formatting anomalies, and then they assist you in obtaining an ISBN# for your Epub editions and even allow you to create your own coupon codes to promote sales. Smashwords was indeed a lifesaver.

So now Black Earth: End of the Innocence is available in ebook. So if you own a Nook, a Kindle, or one of the other popular devices, head on over to my page on Smashwords and grab yourself a copy. If you use coupon code LD49R during checkout anytime between now and my birthday (June 12th) you can get it for only $4 instead of the retail price of $7. :)

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