Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reviews Wanted

I'll be honest. I've never really worked hard to seek out reviews for the books I self-publish. I think it's just been an oversight of mine in the past. I tend to get tunnel vision and hyper-focus on writing or marketing or this or that. So once I finish a book and self-publish it, I wind up slowing the marketing train down to focus more on writing my next big novel.

Well, I've learned from my past mistakes. This time around, I know I need as much exposure as I can get with the release of my upcoming novel, Black Earth: The Broken DaisyThe Broken Daisy is the second book in my sci-fi/fantasy series, Black Earth, and will be released publicly this coming Friday, November 5th. I'd be honored to speak with those of you who would like to read it and write an honest review on it.

The type of reviews I'm looking for are blog reviews, Amazon.com reviews, Smashwords reviews, Goodreads reviews, and any other website based sites that allow you to post book reviews.I am looking for positive, but honest reviews. This means I don't want reviews that will tear me down as an author or reviews that will simply fluff me up. Write what you found positive about the book and then balance it with what you feel could maybe have used more work. This isn't just for my benefit, but for the benefit of other readers out there who are scanning the web looking for a great book to read and want honest reviews to help them make a decision.

For those who are interested in reviewing my novel, please shoot me an email and we can get things set up. I can even throw in a copy of the first book in my series, End of the Innocence, so my series as a whole can be reviewed if that's something you're interested in. Write me at - dna@davidnalderman(dot)com.

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