Thursday, December 9, 2010

Branching Out

Recently, my wife and I came to the conclusion that we could use a bit of extra money each month to help make a few ends meet. That was the initial motivating factor for me to start looking for some part time work, although at first I didn't know what part time work I should start looking for. I've been out of the '9-5' work game for almost a year and a half now, and the unemployment rate isn't all that encouraging.

It was suggested to me a couple weeks ago on another blog that I should look into applying with Demand Studios for some freelance work. I brought this idea to some friends and a discussion mounted on how it would benefit me to do some non-fiction freelance work anyway, especially if I plan to continue to make writing my career.

For years now I've focused primarily on writing fiction, with sci-fi, fantasy, and young adult being my specialties. Aside from working as a feature writer for my high school newspaper so many years ago, I haven't really bothered much with non-fiction - my blog being the only real exception. I figure diving into the world of article writing will be great for my portfolio, for my craft, and even for my finances.

I applied to Demand Studios and was subsequently rejected. I received a form letter type email from them that didn't really give me a solid reason for the rejection except that "due to increased interest in freelancing positions at Demand Media, the approval process has become quite competitive, and we have had to turn down many high-quality applicants." Interesting.

Once Demand turned me down, I applied with Suite101, a website similar to Demand, but with a different process and pay structure. I have been accepted and plan to start working on my first article soon. Though it may take some time - and hard work - for some real funds to start coming in, I am looking forward to this opportunity.

If any of you out there work - or have worked - for Suite101, please share your experiences with me. At the very least, I believe this new journey will help me sharpen my writing skills and add some fresh and diverse content to my writing credits. :)

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