Friday, December 17, 2010

Spirit Blade: Special Edition Review

If there’s one thing this world has a significant shortage of, it’s Christian science fiction and/or fantasy. I apply this comment to all realms of media and entertainment, including books, movies, plays, and even audio drama. The latter of these are in especially short demand, not just in the Christian Sci-fi/fantasy genre, but in general. So I think it an especially wonderful treat that I came across Spirit Blade: Special Edition.

I’ve known Paeter Frandsen, the creator of Spirit Blade, for many years, and have been meaning to pick up a copy of Spirit Blade to listen to for a while now. Alas, lack of time and many other excuses prevented me from doing so, but I put aside some time this last week to sit down and experience - yes, experience - the special edition of this wonderful project.

Spirit Blade is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. And I say that with a true degree of knowledge, not just assumption, not because I know you or what you’ve experienced before, but because I know for a fact there isn’t much in terms of Christian sci-fi/fantasy out there, let alone in audio form. It’s slim pickin’s out there when it comes to finding the message of truth running through the creative veins of the science fiction and fantasy genres, so when something like this comes out, it’s arrival has to be shouted from the mountain tops.

Too many out there have the opinion that Christianity and science fiction don’t mix, that there’s something blasphemous to even suggest such a thing. I’m not here to launch into an argument about that subject, but I am here to tell you that Spirit Blade proves the two can be brought together within an exciting drama that unfolds through a cast of top notch voice actors, stunning sound effects, and an intriguing storyline that I guarantee will captivate you.

This is a story, a tale of good vs evil, of a reluctant musician named Merrick who gets wrapped up in a worldwide conspiracy and is forced to face the truth about himself, about the world(s) around him, and about his own beliefs. You’ll find demons in this, you’ll find villains, you’ll find an underground resistance. And you’ll find our hero, Merrick, struggling to find his place in the midst of all of it while the forces of dark and light clash together to fight for his very soul.

Spirit Blade is a story as much as it is a treat for the ears, the mind, and the imagination. If you think reading a book has the ability to cast you light years away to other places, other colonies, other worlds - Spirit Blade does just that and then some. Listening to Spirit Blade: Special Edition, you can tell that Paeter has poured hours and talent into his project. The sound effects, the musical scoring, the voice acting, and especially the music - which is all written by Paeter and performed by Paeter and the cast - is superb.

What a treat this was! I can’t underline enough how awesome it is to see someone else out there who has put their creative talents to work to bring such an endeavor out for everyone to experience. The audio aspect of this is made it convenient to listen to on my MP3 player, my computer, even the CD player. As much as I’m for the ereaders out there, you really can’t get any more compact than audio.

To sum things up, Spirit Blade is truth wrapped in a tasty coating of action, adventure and science fiction. If you’re a fan of science fiction or fantasy you will love this. I am proud to recommend this to any and everyone I know and don’t know.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend at least downloading a free 30 minute preview of Spirit Blade at Paeter’s website,, as well as check out the other projects he’s been cooking up. Paeter also has a podcast that you can check out which covers everything from horror to science fiction to comic books to anything geeky. Check it out at

Spirit Blade: Special Edition was given for this review.

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