Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture Perfect Cover Design

Okay, so I'm finally revealing the cover design to Picture Perfect, the young adult novella that is going to be released in ebook format in the next week. (The audio and paperback editions are going to be released soon as well, but are taking a bit more time to put together.)

The reason the cover art to Picture Perfect is so newsworthy is because it represents the basic structure of what the covers of all of the stories in my Expired Reality series will look like. The symbol, the title, and the spacey clouds will hold different color patterns depending on what the story is, but the same basic look will be held throughout most, if not all, of the series - which is going to be big, mind you.

To give you an idea about how far the cover designs for my Expired Reality series have come, I'll show you the old, full cover spread I had for Drather's Story (the original title for Picture Perfect) -

And here are the covers to the two original novels in my Expired Reality series, the ones I am in the middle of rewriting right now -

As you can see, this time around my cover design has developed into something more eye-catching and more colorful. I used Gimp to create the cover design, and I had a blast putting together the color scheme and the templates for the new cover(s). I am really looking forward to releasing Picture Perfect before the end of February.

Special thanks and credit goes to Obsidian Dawn ( for the great free Gimp brushes I used in creating the cover design. ;)

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