Monday, February 21, 2011

Writing Prompt #2 - Pitch Black

Let's jump right into this week's writing prompt. Remember, you can write as little or as much as you'd like, and if you want, you can post your prompt right here. **All work is under copyright of its authors**

Here we go...

Your character opens their eyes to pitch darkness...

"What are we waiting for again?" Susan asked. Waiting so long in the darkness was beginning to irritate her and she felt a touch of claustrophobia kicking in.

Rebecca shifted her weight against Susan, pushing the girl against the wall of the closet. "Don't be stupid. We're waiting for Bobby. As soon as he comes home and walks into his closet, we'll jump out and scare the crap out of him."

"Remind me again why this isn't illegal?"

"Because he's our friend. He won't care. Besides, he's the one that gave my sister a copy of his apartment key."

Susan squirmed. The darkness seemed to be getting thicker, coating her throat with a thick layer of stuffiness, making it hard to breath. She could smell Rebecca's cheap perfume and suddenly needed out of the closet. She struggled to her feet, pulling at the shirts and coats hanging over their heads. "I'm out of here." She fumbled in the darkness for the doorknob with one hand while swatting Rebecca's attempts to pull her back down with the other.

"Get back down here! He could be home any minute."

Susan found the knob and shoved her weight against the door while she turned it. She stumbled into Bobby's bathroom, which when they first arrived at the apartment only an hour or so ago had been empty. A woman putting makeup on in front of the mirror shrieked and took off running into the other room.

Great, Susan thought. This is going to go over real well.

Bobby's voice could be heard from the other room, calming the woman. Susan glanced over to the window over the bathtub and lunged for it, pulling it open to let the chilly night air in. She boosted herself onto the sill and slid out, tumbling into a rose bush. Thorns stuck her in the arms and legs and she bit her tongue in the process of trying not to scream.

Once she crawled out of the bush and pulled the thorns from her flesh, she glanced up at the window, half-expecting Rebecca to come through at any time. She didn't. Instead, Susan heard the shrieking woman and Bobby talking about Susan in the bathroom.

Time to run. Rebecca's on her own after what she put me through the past hour.

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