Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lost Birth: an Expired Reality novel is Now Available For Your Ereader!

I am more than happy to announce that Lost Birth, the second volume in my Expired Reality series (young adult sci-fi/fantasy) is available in ebook format for only $2.99. In the next month or so I'll be working on having it converted to paperback as well, but for now you can enjoy reading it on almost any Ereader device. And if you haven't read the first book in the series, Endangered Memories, you can grab a copy here. Have a great weekend everyone!

Lost Birth: an Expired Reality novel
The Swallower of Worlds—better known as Legion, a mysterious alien race that was responsible for destroying Earth long ago—has arrived on the planet of Anaisha. At least this is what Carrie Green is led to believe after awakening in an underground structure known as the Complex. Unsure if the information being fed to her is true or not, or why she is being worshiped as a deity by fanatical cult followers of the flame element, Carrie makes it her priority to escape the Complex and the clutches of a madman from her past.

David Corbin, the only man who may be able to save Anaisha from the cold grip of Legion, is on his way to Galtaia Penitentiary as a prisoner, escorted by the maniacal Agent Parks. Housing many of Anaisha’s most dangerous criminals, most of whom David helped put away, the prison, it seems, will become David’s crypt. But as allies and enemies continue to scramble to find the timepiece—an ancient artifact with unknown origins and powers—one person believes David to be the hero he was in the past and seeks to rescue him from his living nightmare to help save Anaisha from its own.

Available through:
Amazon Kindle
Barnes and Noble Nook
Smashwords (for other ereading devices)


J.H. said...

__Hi again, Mr. Alderman. You replied. And fast! It is and will be an honor to converse with you over your varied posts both as Christians and authors. Someday, and hopefully soon, I'll have my blog up and running and you can return the favor.

__So let me preface by saying I haven't read any of your books...yet. I have a question about the The Expired Reality series. I know that as soon as I read it my confusion will be clear, but for the sake of getting a comment on this particular post, help me out. Here you say "Lost Birth" is the second volume in the Expired Reality series, but under The Expired Reality Series tab above, there's "Picture Perfect
an Expired Reality novella". Why a novella? And is it part of the Expired Reality series arch or is it set, simply, in the same universe, like the Star Wars games and books but with different characters?

__You know, a book series set in the same universe I create with different characters isn't a bad idea--worked for Lucus and Stan Lee.

__Maybe you've already answered my questions in a previous post. If so, point me to it in your reply. One other thing, I think it's time you update your promo tabs. Your newest books aren't displayed and advertised under thier respective tabs. How's anyone supposed know about them? Stay motivated!

Unknown said...

J.H., thanks for pointing out the lack of organization in my tabs. I have it on my to-do list. I was on vacation for the last week and have a whole slew of things I want to do to update the blog/website/other platforms, and updating the tabs is one of them.

Also, to answer your question, Picture Perfect takes place before the Expired Reality novels and gives the background to how Drather became a mercenary.

I love the way the Star Wars universe is set up with individual stories that are part of a bigger arc. I always aim for that type of style when I'm working on my series.

Glad again to have you following my blog! Definitely let me know if you end up starting up your own and I will make sure to follow. ;)