Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Peering Out on the Dark Horizon

Despite the title of this post, none of it is negative. Quite the contrary, really. To begin, I just finished Black Earth: Bridge to Anaisha - the fourth and final book in my edgy Christian speculative fiction series - and sent it off to my editor to see how much of a glutton for grammatical punishment I am. Black Earth: Dark Masquerade - the third book in the series - is currently being edited by her and once it's given back, 98% of my time will be devoted to polishing it and sending it to press as quickly as possible.

Even though the books are out of my hands, for the moment, I still have a plate full of projects that need to be accomplished - cover design, cover copy, marketing graphics, promotional ideas, etc, etc, etc. I am going to be pouring more effort into preparation for the release of these two books than any other book I've ever done.

So there's the dark horizons I am peering out on. The end of my Black Earth series. Bittersweet, but a joyous occasion, because this proves not only to myself, but my fans, that I can accomplish a full series. It's a great feeling of accomplishment!

I'll be posting in the coming weeks in regards to my preparation for the end of this series, including snippets of cover design and a sneak peek into some of my ideas for Black Earth promotion. This Wednesday, I'll be posting the fifth and final Black Earth flash fiction piece.

And this Friday I'll be revealing a lengthy post about my time in the Guild Wars 2 beta this last weekend. To sum it up - I have never been so excited for a game's release than I am for Guild Wars 2. Never!

Enough said for now. I'm off to traverse the Desert of Endless Projects.

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