Thursday, May 3, 2012

Timelines, Time Travel, and Headaches...

I have a headache.

Last night I decided to sit down and play around with some web-based software designed to create timelines. For the last couple years now I've been meaning to create a timeline for my website that visually chronicles the events that take place in my Black Earth series, my Expired Reality series, and everything in between. Including the alternate reality that was created. Taking into account the different streams of time travel mentioned in the stories. And -


Well, while I was messing around with this timeline - which I am creating on Tiki-Toki - I ran into a snag. I completely neglected to take into account that in the Black Earth series, Mr. Silver, when colonizing Anaisha, changed the date system set forth for the Expired Reality series.


Now I'm sifting through calendars trying to find when the hundred years (plus or minus a few) between the two series falls on the timeline - both in altered date and real date - and I'm trying to also figure out how to portray it on the timeline itself without confusing the world. Or myself, it seems. I'm thinking I'll keep everything to its 'real' date and then just have the altered date in parenthesis.

Looks like I'm going to have my hands full with this. O_o

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