Thursday, October 11, 2012

NaNo Prep Challenge - Setting #1 Description

Today's NaNo Prep Challenge is to write out a description of a setting that will appear in my NaNoWriMo novel. Yesterday, the task was to draw the setting - which I did - but since I am a horrible artist, I think I'll keep that 'illustration' off this blog. For now, I'll give a few details to the Fountain of Judgement, a landmark which sits in the center of the council chambers of Spectrum.

Positioned directly in the center of the council concourse, the Fountain of Judgment is a stone and glass structure reaching twelve feet high in the shape of a capital A. The fountain cycles through fresh, filtered water that is scented with lavender and jasmine. Aside from acting as a decorative piece to the chambers of the five council members of Spectrum, the fountain is also the place where those who are sentenced to death by the two judges on the council are drowned. The sentenced individual is restrained to the center statue of the fountain as gallons of water pour down over them, eventually drowning them. After their death, their bodies are left in the fountain for two weeks, while the council chambers are opened to the public to showcase to the other citizens of Spectrum what happens when the law of Spectrum is not obeyed in full.


Tiffany said...

Wow, you've changed your blog a lot! It's beautiful though. I really like it. Where'd you get this layout from?

Anyway, what a terrifying and interesting process. What will this book be about?

Unknown said...

Here's the basic synopsis of the novella, Tiffany:

The story begins aboard one of SilverTech's shuttles bound for Anaisha after Earth is destroyed. This particular shuttle - the Adengors - comes into contact with heavy space debris and is forced to crash land on a nearby planet: Spectrum. Spectrum was originally mentioned in the third novel of my Black Earth series, Dark Masquerade. The planet is the most technically advanced in the universe because twelve spies were sent out to reach twelve different areas of space to obtain knowledge and technology which was then brought back to Spectrum, and now the planet is an all-powerful utopia of knowledge, technology, weaponry, and defense systems.

Since a good portion of the story will take place on Spectrum, many of Spectrum's inhabitants will come into play, including the Spectrum council and the Ryloc's, which were mentioned very briefly in Dark Masquerade. I will also reveal a bit of what happened to Evanescence's magical staff, which was taken to Spectrum during the novel series.

I am really excited about this, because NaNoWriMo will allow me to continue the storyline of the Black Earth series, but dive into another world and brand new characters.

Oh, and this blog design is Bloggers new Dynamic View layout. You can actually change how you see my blog by using the pull down in top left corner of the header.