Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Expired Reality Covers

With my announcement a couple weeks ago regarding my exit from the young adult genre and the pulling of the young adult labels from my Expired Reality series, I've been at work on some new cover designs for the series - simple, colorful, and easy to create as the Expired Reality series continues to grow over the course of the next decade - at least.

Here's the brand new cover I designed for Endangered Memories (book 1 in the series)

The new cover for Lost Birth (book 2 in the series)

And the new cover for Picture Perfect (a novella in the series)

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Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Hi David

I've been spending an inordinate amount of time looking at cover options for months now (read into that: I sure haven't been doing much writing).

I've read tons of expert advice. I've even put myself into a designer of sort myself to force me to study typography, eye movement, color combinations.

I have a SF series I paid a designer to create for me...and have learned to hate them. So I've scoured the artist forums, like deviantart. I haven't found a set of covers yet that go together, that I am willing to shell the bucks out for. When you're talking about hundreds of dollars...and you have a series of four novels....(need I mention I'm cheep.)

I'm rambling.

I guess I preceded all that in order to get to my warning...ensure your covers say something.

Frankly...the four you've posted would make me skip over your novels like the plague (and I hate cliches).

Don't rush into a decision. Get feedback from experienced peers...not just friends who believe they are mean if they give you the truth.

Good luck.

- Mac