Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The LZR Project - Episode #2 Now Available!

Episode #2 is now available for download in PDF format for your reading pleasure, and best of all, it's only $1! Grab it now, and find out what The LZR Project is all about.

In this episode, the Lazerblades search the city of Lysallis for Scarlet Rogue - a criminal who has escaped the institute she was previously in. During his pursuit of Scarlet, David Corbin crosses paths with a mysterious woman claiming to want to help put a stop to Mr. Big. But who is she, and can she be trusted?

Subsequent episodes will be released each and every Wednesday, and you can grab back episodes and check the release dates for upcoming episodes at the official web page for The LZR Project!

On top of that, I am currently working out a subscription based system for those of you who would only like to pay once and receive episodes in your email every week. Stay tuned!

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