Thursday, July 3, 2014

The LZR Project Series Subscription Now Available!

So, after tinkering with Gumroad (the site on which I host The LZR Project), I have finally figured out a way to offer up a subscription system for my short story series.

I was originally going to take advantage of Gumroad's actual subscription system, but they don't offer weekly subscriptions -  only monthly, tri-monthly, and yearly. I tried to put together a yearly subscription, but those who subscribe in the middle of the year would not have access to older episodes because of the way the system is set up. I contacted support, and they gave me a great workaround. Now you can pay one fee ($30), have access to all back episodes of The LZR Project, and be emailed with a download link when each subsequent episode comes out. There will be 40 episodes in all, and a new one will be released each and every Wednesday until the series comes to an end.

Here is the link to the subscription page for those interested in this subscription option -

You can still grab each episode individually, if you choose to do so, through this link -!the-lzr-project/c1npk

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