Wednesday, March 2, 2011

For Writers and Readers Of Indie Fiction

One of the reasons I set up this blog was to post about my journey through self-publishing. As adventurous as its been, it's always good to come across those who want nothing more than to help indie authors get on their feet and propel their works of fiction/non-fiction to new heights.

Today I'd like to direct everyone's attention to the Indie Book Blog. I found Scott, the man who runs the blog, over in the Amazon Forums when he posted a thread titled "Looking to read and review indie fantasy books". I posted my scifi/fantasy book, Black Earth: End of the Innocence.

Scott's review of End of the Innocence was great - 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon - and I've gotten a chance over the last month to see the other reviews he's posted. Scott really does put great time and effort into reading and reviewing indie books to help indie authors get their works out there, and he's created a hub for those readers interested in discovering a compilation of stellar authors who otherwise may not get the attention they truly deserve.

Right now, if you're an indie fiction author looking for reviews to be posted on and Scott's blog, you can head to Scott's blog and either post a comment with your interest in being reviewed or click on the Links tab on his blog and head to his Amazon Thread where you can post your interest. Scott usually downloads a sample to see if the book is something he is interested in and then moves forward from there. He has informed me that he is pretty much open minded in terms of what he reviews, but he is not interested in romance or erotica. Please keep this in mind when you are requesting to have your material reviewed.

If you're a reader looking for great indie fiction, head over to Scott's blog and peruse the goodies. You might find some contests/giveaways, and if you scroll through the posts, you might even find some free ebooks hiding amidst the other treasures.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the kind words. I feel like I am getting more from the authors than they are getting from me. I will continue to support indie authors as long as I can.

Unknown said...

Well, I think I speak for all the indie authors you've helped so far when I say to keep up the great work. Every little bit helps and I it's nothing for me to help spread the word about your helpful blog. :)