Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Interviews (Round 1)

In the past week or so I've done a few interviews which I'll take a moment to list here, in case anyone is interested in finding out why I decided to become an indie author, when I started writing, or where some of the inspiration to my stories actually comes from.

The first interview was done a few weeks ago on Whispers of the Muse, a great site dedicated to spotlighting authors and their work, fan fiction, and writing tips. Check out the list of author interviews and excerpts of author's work (including mine) here - http://whispersofthemuse.org/AuthorSpotlight/SpotlightFrame.html

The second interview I took part in was for Scott over at Indie Book Blog. What started as a post in an Amazon forum calling for indie fantasy authors has turned into a great blog dedicated to indie authors of many different genres. The blog showcases Scott's reviews of self-published work and giveaways of great ebooks. Check out his interview with me here - http://indiebookblogger.blogspot.com/2011/03/interview-6-with-david-alderman-and.html

The third interview I did was posted yesterday and was for Jenny Melzer at The Inner Bean, a great site devoted to all things writing. Jenny posts guest blogs from prominent authors in the indie industry, podcasts and articles on writing, and promotes her own writing including her fantasy novel, The Goblin Market (Into the Green). Check out Jenny's interview with me here - http://jennybeans.net/2011/03/14/guest-blog-david-n-alderman-the-long-journey/

I'll be doing more interviews in the near future - I have one that will be posted with my good friend Paeter Frandsen soon - and I'm always open to do interviews/guest posts if asked.

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