Sunday, October 13, 2013

NaNo Prep - Contest Round #2 - Lady Lysallis

Yesterday's October NaNo Prep Challenge was another contest entry requiring a description of one of the settings found in my upcoming NaNoWriMo novel using all five senses. My entry is a description of the city of Lysallis - as a sultry female during the night, and an infected, dying victim during the day.

Here's the entry I wrote for the contest. It's called Lady Lysallis. Enjoy!

Lady Lysallis
At night, Lysallis puts on a show, revealing the sultry female vixen she really is. Her neckline sparkles with cloisters of neon color, buzzing in the night with a tune that all her denizens know by heart. Stockings of taillights and streetlamps cover her slender legs. Her hair, a beehive of skyscrapers, reaches to the starry sky in hopes to flaunt her beauty to all of Anaisha. Her scent is arresting, a mix of sex and blood. Her eyes – the very life of Lysallis – look upon her tenants with ferocity and playfulness. In the comfort of darkness, Lysallis desires intimacy with her murderers, her lovers, and her protectors, touching them tenderly with hands made of sin and glamour.

But  during the day, when light pierces her spirit, Lysallis abandons her audience and, crippled and torn, rests her eyes, shutting them to the noise of herself. While her alley veins carry the toxic blood of her playthings, killing her from the inside, her denizens speak crassly to her in a cryptic curse – tattooing  colorful discourse across her brick and cement skin. In the end, Lysallis is betrayed by those she shelters, her spirit injected with litter and filth, her flesh marred with man’s uncontrollable ego.

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