Friday, October 4, 2013


* Virtual * Real-Time * Knowledge * Assistant *
Those of you who have visited my website in the past know of The Compendium, a virtual database I put together that features profiles on the characters, artifacts, technology, and other elements of my Expired Reality and Black Earth series. I am currently redesigning The Compendium - which will soon be referenced as VRKA - to reflect a new 'computer database system' that will be introduced at length in Dark Horizons, the upcoming third novel in my Expired Reality series. Much like The Compendium, VRKA will be a website addition which will contain character profiles, artifact summaries, world history, and other various chunks of knowledge from both series, and will make this information available on the website on a regular basis beginning this January.

All current Compendium entries will be polished (some rewritten) and rolled out again once VRKA has been released, along with a semi-brief introduction as to what (or who) VRKA is. For now, I'll give you a hint - remember that computer virus that Howard Grey infected SilverTech Industries with in the Black Earth series...

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