Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NaNo Prep - Plot Background Story - Order From Chaos

Today's Writing.com October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge is to write up a background story for my NaNo novel's plot. For The LZR Project, my NaNoWriMo 2013 novel, the Lazerblades join with the Enera government to stop the criminal mastermind, Mr. Big. In this short piece of writing, I go into the events that led to the Enera government agreeing to join forces with the Lazerblades to stop Mr. Big and put him behind bars once and for all.

Order From Chaos -
The twinkling skyline of Lysallis filled David's vision, dazzling him with its beauty. Against the black backdrop of the night sky, beautiful emeralds and sapphires and rubies sparkled, giving off an innocent visage to the rats and scorpions scurrying beneath their surface.

Moments later, his view of the skyline swung upward as he missed the edge of the roof, tumbled down the brick wall, and landed in a dumpster. David fumbled with the garbage bags, accidentally ripping one open and pushing his hand into a pile of refuse. He cringed, pulled his hand out, shook it off, and found the edge of the dumpster. He pulled himself out, his muscles aching with the effort, and attempted to get his bearings. Mr. Big had been heading south when David attempted to leap the gap between the roofs...and failed.

He pushed his earpiece in with his left hand while he wiped the garbage off his right onto his pants. “I lost him.”

“We still have him – “

“Copy that, you still have him? Where is he?”


“Guys, where is Mr. Big?”

David rushed through the alley and came out on the street. Shops – most of them closed, with their neon welcome signs dormant – lined the road on both sides. Street lamps refused to give their glow. The scent of sewage seeped up from the pothole near his feet. David always marveled at how downtown Lysallis could at one time be a vibrant chest of glittering gems and also a murky toilet full of filth.

“He’s still heading south, toward city hall.”

David ran down the dark city street, afraid to imagine what Mr. Big was planning on doing near city hall.

Thunder boomed. Alarms rang out.

David pressed in on his earpiece. “What happened?!”

“City hall. Emergency units are en route.”

David stopped running and took a moment to catch his breath.

“I merely did what you couldn’t do, David.”

He pressed in on his earpiece. “Mr. Big.”

“You know as well as I do that politics are the bane of this fine city. Get rid of the politics – or at least stall them a bit – and maybe those of us who want change can have time to turn things around.”

“Don’t do this. Please, don’t do this.”

“Your pleas do not fall on deaf or uncaring ears, David. I sympathize with you and your efforts to bring peace to Lysallis. But while you believe peace is the most important jewel in the crown that is Lysallis, I believe order is what will save the day. Order from chaos.”

“I’ll catch you, Big. I’ll catch you. I’ll put you away forever.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Before that happens though, I will bring change to Lysallis. I will bring order. City hall was only the start. Every great plan has to have a start, right? Go there. See the beginning, the root, of change. Once you’ve taken that into account, that change has begun, keep your eyes peeled for order to sprout out of the chaos I have created. It is only inevitable.”

“I’ll stop you.”

“Please don’t. You would only be stopping what you so desperately want yourself. Because see, out of order, comes peace. You think you can go from chaos to peace. But really, you must have order in the middle of those, to bring an established foundation for peace, right?”

“Where are you?”

“Give up trying to find me. Focus your energy on cleaning up the chaos. Help restore order. Help bring the peace you so desperately seek.”

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