Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The LZR Project - Cover Peek

Here is the cover design I have been working on for The LZR Project. I was originally going to do a different color scheme for each episode, but I've decided to keep this same design for all covers and just change the episode number on them.

And in case you missed my blog post yesterday, here's a little tentative info about The LZR Project...

The first episode (Episode #0) will be released Tuesday, March 4th as a digital download. I am considering using Gumroad for the release of each of my episodes, but I'm not certain about that yet. I'd imagine the price for each episode will be around $1, and episodes will probably be released on a weekly basis, possibly every Tuesday. Once all episodes have been released, I'll turn around and publish the entire series in paperback format. Also, originally I wanted to take episodes down after they were up for a couple weeks to force people to purchase the paperback at the end if they wanted to catch up, and I think I'm going to scratch that idea and keep the previous episodes up as new ones are released so anyone can catch up at anytime.


Peter Younghusband said...

This sounds good to me, David!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Peter. I am really excited about this project, as some of the storyline actually helps somewhat to bridge some of the gap between the two novel series.