Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Projects

Well, I took a bit of time off there at the end of 2010 and am just now getting over being sick, but now I'm inching my way into 2011 with some big goals.

I left 2010 with two books finished in my Black Earth series and a lot of plans on the horizon. Well, that horizon is here now with 2011 and I'm happy to say that I plan on this year being my biggest yet. The following are the projects I have lined up for this new year...

Picture Perfect -My first project to be finished this year is Picture Perfect (Originally titled Drather's Story). Picture Perfect is the back story of Jonathan Huxley, a homeless boy who is taken in by a wealthy family only to become the notorious bounty hunter, Drather, in my upcoming Expired Reality series.I will be offering Picture Perfect in ebook and audio book (my first ever) format for free, and in paperback for a nominal price. I will be releasing Picture Perfect for your enjoyment in late February.

The Expired Reality Series - I am releasing the first three books in my upcoming young adult sci-fi/fantasy series this coming Summer. The Expired Reality series was originally released a few years ago, but after writing the Black Earth series which coincides with it I realized there was much more I wanted to do with the series, so I'm in the middle of reedits now and am more than a little excited to release it (again) this coming summer. More information on this series will be released soon.

The Drain Sisters - Another character driven novella in the same token as Picture Perfect, this story will shed light on the Drain Sisters, the notorious girls of the South Ryshard School for Orphans. You'll meet these girls first in the Expired Reality series and then be able to read more about them in this novella in Winter of 2011.

Black Earth 3 - The third installment in the Black Earth series will find Nathan Pierce in his continuing struggle to rescue his sister, Daisy, from the forces of darkness. Will he succeed? What will become of Heather and her quest to find the weapon that can kill immortals? And what of Daisy and her strange experience in what she believes could be the Garden of Eden? You'll find out in Winter of 2011 when Black Earth: The Dark Lighthouse (working title) is released in paperback, ebook and audio book.

The LZR Project - The final entry on my list of projects this year is an episodic series that will give background to the characters of the Expired Reality series. Detailing the Lazerblade's cooperation with the Anaishan government as they all work together to take down Anaisha's criminal mastermind, Mr. Big, each of the twelve episodes will run about five to six pages and will be available for free via ebook and audio book on a bi-weekly basis starting in late March of this year.

Along with the fiction that I'll be working on, I am also in the middle of a new website design that I think will better suit what I write, a fresh blog design where I'll start really diving into my writing process and how I go about crafting novels and characters, and some great goodies in my newly resurrected email newsletter - which you can subscribe to here.

2011 is definitely a year of lofty goals, but I look forward to the release of each project and hope there is something in the bag for everyone this year. :)

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