Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby On The Way

Last Friday, my wife and I had it confirmed by a doctor that she is indeed pregnant!

I couldn't be happier! My wife and I have actually been trying for about a year now. We'll be married six years this coming June, so having a child is the next natural course of action in adding growth to our family. I'm more than ready to handle a kid, and my wife has been wanting a child for a while now. We left it in God's hands this whole time, so the timing is all His. ;)

What am I hoping for? A girl. My wife wants a boy. We both have agreed to give naming rights to me if it's a girl and to my wife if it's a boy. My name for a girl? Eden Alderman. I've picked out Ambersay as the middle name, but my wife seems to be a bit sketchy on that. We'll see. She says she'll name the child Nolan (my, my grandfather's, and my late uncle's middle name) if it's a boy. I guess I'm okay with that, so long as people don't think we named him after Nolan Ryan, the baseball player. Not that I have anything against Nolan Ryan, I just don't care for sports.

Our first ultrasound is this Friday. We should have a due date after that.

Look out world, another little writer is about to be born. :)


Kat Heckenbach said...

Congratulations! A new baby is a wonderful thing. And I suspect those names may change before he or she is born. Maybe the day of, actually!

Very happy for you both :).

seannaapproved said...

Congrats again David! Babies are so exciting! I like Eden, makes me think of God's chosen place for Adam and Eve.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kat!

And Sean, that's why I picked the name Eden. :) Kind of a fresh start for us, our own little family, free from the dysfunction of our families. ;)

Veronica Leigh said...

Congrats to you all!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Veronica! :D