Monday, January 31, 2011

The Missing Element

I've been running these blog posts for a couple years now, and just recently I took a good hard look at where I want it to be and what I want it to offer to others. Over the years, I've detailed my journey through self-publishing, my walk of faith, and a little in regards to my personal life. I've even done some book reviews here and there.

But when I take a look at the posts I've offered up, I wonder where all the ones in regards to writing are. I mean, I'm a writer but I don't really talk about writing. I'm not saying I feel pressured to talk about writing. I actually want to discuss my process more - how I discover my characters, how I create my fictional worlds, what steps I take in writing a novel, etc, etc, etc.

I guess I've just always been a bit shy talking about those things, at least on a blog. If you get me talking in person though, watch out. I am a story teller at heart, and I can talk for hours about my inspirations and plotlines. I guess I just want that to come out more on this blog.

In response to this revelation, I sat down this last weekend and sketched out a slight restructuring of my blog, which will go into effect next week. Here's what it will mean in regards to the content I'll be posting up here:
  • Each Monday of every week I'm going to post a writing prompt and a specific word count to go with it. In these posts, I will also include my own response to the prompt. This way, I'll be encouraging all of you writers out there to get off your butt and do some writing, while also sharing some of my writing with you.
  • On Wednesdays I will continue to post about my self-publishing journey, including my struggles with marketing, my experience with book signings, the process of novel design, etc.
  • And, every Friday, I'll write about my own process of, well, writing. I plan to share my own methods for creating fictional characters, creatures, and worlds. I'll reveal my process for writing novels/novellas/short stories and dive into the roots of my inspiration. I'll even introduce you to some of my characters, like the witch, Evanescence, of my Black Earth series, or maybe the Drain Sisters from my upcoming Expired Reality series.
I'll make sure to round the blog out with some fun and/or geeky stuff from time to time, just to shake things up a bit. I'm looking forward to the changes coming. I think it's high time I break out of my shell and let you all see what goes on behind the scenes, in my head and on the paper.

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