Friday, January 28, 2011

A Much Desired Facelift

After months of tinkering and toying, I'm finally done with my latest website design.

I've been doing this self-publishing thing for a while now and it's taken me a very, very long time to evolve my marketing strategies to where they are now. And they'll continue to evolve, as we enter a completely digital age and social networking continues to spike. I think the hardest thing to being a self-published author, besides selling - especially selling online - is creating a successful website, especially when one has no design or graphic art education. Formally anyway. And I'm not one of those who believes in paying others to do what I could learn to do myself.

Except editing. Yeah, I have someone who does that for me, because I can't be objective, and to me, editing is the equivalent of having to watch a marathon of Friends.

The cause for my recent website overhaul was a nifty program I just recently learned about - GIMP. Most say it's the free equivalent to Adobe Photoshop. Now that I have access to brushes and other nifty design tools, I was able to create a website background I really wanted. Yeah, I know Adobe Photoshop has been around for a while and does the same thing plus more, but I haven't had money for that program nor do I care to pirate it. So GIMP is my hero of the day.

Adobe Photoshop Tools + Free = FTW (For The Win)! Skadoosh!

I'd love for everyone to check out my site and let me know your thoughts. I'm trying to keep the website as simplistic as possible right now, and grow it as I move along. I have more books to write, more products to create, so there will be much more added to the site in the near future.


ShawneeIndian said...

love the new look.... very edgy. Nice job.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Shawn. I wanted to give it a grungy, writer's look. :)

Bob said...

Looks fine on my android based phone.

Unknown said...

Good to hear, Bob!