Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Destiny Project?

I've never really been interested in writing non-fiction, aside from the ten volume memoir I plan to start working on someday. Speaking with a friend last night though left me with the realization that maybe it would benefit many others if I did write a book about the experiences that my wife and I have been through on this journey from me being fired to becoming a known author worldwide.

When God promised my wife and I that He would take care of our rent and all of the rest of our provisions on this adventure, He meant it. And month after month I see miracles that leave me speechless. And month after month, as my human nature comes out, my faith struggles to trust in Him for the next monthly dose of finances. It is life. It is life being lived out in faith.

I'm not sure when I'll start this project. First I have to finish the sequel to Black Earth: End of the Innocence. It's due to my editor 3/4 of the way through May and I'm not even in my final draft yet. Then I have the overhaul of the Expired Reality series I have to work on. Maybe once all of that is cleared from my list of things that should have been done last year, I'll have time to work on it.

I've been wondering what to name it. The Destiny Project, maybe? In hindsight, it would have benefited me to be keeping a journal the last nine months to record everything so I don't have to pull it all from memory, but now I'll know better for next time...


Unknown said...

Sounds like an amazing read! I love the title!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Alisa! :D