Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adding Audio To The Mix

Being a self-published author, I'm in charge of all of my own marketing and promotion. I am the sole individual responsible for aiming this franchise in the direction I think it should go in regards to social marketing, advertising, networking and project creation. This responsibility brings a number of challenges to my plate, but the one thing I need to keep an eye on is making sure I get my material plugged into each available corner of the market.

Recently I had a visit with my good friend, Paeter Frandsen. Paeter is the creator of Spirit Blade, a Christian scifi/fantasy audio drama that immerses the listener in an epic tale created with voice acting, special sound effects, and other audio treats. Audio drama is definitely a corner of the market that has yet to be tapped out, and Paeter is doing a great job bringing this unique experience to the world.

During this visit, Paeter and I discussed the possibilities of me entering the audio market. I've mentioned my interest in this area to Paeter before, but I've been a bit hesitant to take on the podcasting world because I haven't felt I've had the time or energy to put into learning the aspects of it. My eyes have been opened though to the fact that audio is a pretty big corner of the market, and if I want this fiction franchise to grow, I'm going to have to expand into it.

So in the next couple months, I'll be doing just that. I'm going to start off by creating a podcast that will run biweekly or monthly. This will help me to get the basics of audio recording down. Right now I hate the sound of my own voice, so it would benefit me to get over that. I plan to have my podcasts cover topics revolving around the Christian scifi/fantasy genre, but it won't be limited only to the Christian aspects of scifi/fantasy. I plan to include some reviews, some interviews, and some other goodies.

I was directed to a free program called Audacity for recording.  I've already had the chance to play with it a bit and it seems it will do just fine for the beginning stages of my audio endeavors. My dad gave me a Radio Shack mic. It won't give me the highest quality - like a $1000 mic might, but it's a great start considering my non-existent budget.

From podcasting, I hope to evolve toward audio chapters of my novels, then to full blown audio books. Right now, we'll just start with the basics and see where it all goes. Stay tuned for more info on my upcoming podcast adventures...

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