Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trash The Dress!

Months ago, our good friend and acclaimed photographer, Rhiannon Teaters, approached my wife and I and said she wanted to do a photo shoot of us for our five year wedding anniversary. I thought it was a great gesture and agreed to it. My wife - well, she got this crazy idea into her head: Trash the Dress. She approached me with the idea of trashing the wedding garb we wore on our special day five years ago and getting some great photography out of it.

At first I was wondering where she would get such a ridiculous idea. I have been known to be crazy at frequent intervals, but even I found it a bit odd to be considering destroying a wedding outfit that usually gets passed down to your children. Then I saw pictures she found online of other couples that have done the same thing. I was enamored by poses of other couples sitting in muddy swamps, jumping into lakes, loitering in downtown alleys, splashing each other with paint - just a few ways they found to destroy their sacred wedding icons.

I agreed. I figured it would be fun, even though I wasn't all that keen on leaping in a lake in a suit and tie. So last Friday, Rhiannon went out with us and captured some stunning pictures - first of us in our clothes before they became irreparably damaged. Then she took some shots of us squirting each other with paint. That was a ton of fun! After that, my wife and I changed into another set of clothes and headed out for round two. Apparently my mother-in-law didn't want her wedding dress anymore either and decided to donate it to the cause. More fodder.

We traveled up to Goldfield Ghost Town and took some pictures in front of the old church, saloon, and even some on the railroad tracks. Then we meadered out to Canyon Lake where we nabbed some awesome shots of us wading in the swampy lake, fully clothed in wedding attire. Those pics, as well as the ghost town pics, are still being worked on, but I'll post a few of them up as soon as they come through. :)

It was a fun experience, one we'll never forget, and Rhiannon grabbed some great photography out of it. 

What a great way to celebrate a five year landmark!

You can check out more of Rhiannon's photography at


Derek said...

Great TTD session! Congrats on your 5th anniversary! Kristie and I celebrate our 5th in December!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Derek! And congrats on your 5th anniversary coming up. :D

Lynne Hartke said...

Your wife sounds like my kind of person. Congrats on the anniversary.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lynne! :D