Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Time Waster

It's Monday. Today is one of those days I just feel like cruising through in a haphazard fashion, tossing all structure to the wind. Unfortunately, I do have specific tasks that need to be accomplished today, but it doesn't mean I'm above procrastination or goofiness - we all need a little bit of both elements in our Mondays, do we not?

So, in honor of this particular Monday, I thought I'd introduce everyone to one of my favorite time wasting websites: consists of a number of different websites all dedicated to one thing - humor. You'll find archive upon archive of hilarious photos, videos, and news clippings that will have you in stitches before break time.

* A heads up though if you're a parent, some of the content is not child-appropriate. *

Some of the sites branched to - - - - -

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