Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cutting Out The Fat

I've noticed something lately: I'm getting a lot more serious and determined about my writing. That's not to say that I haven't been serious about my writing this whole time, but I've noticed a change in the air in the last week. I've noticed that my determination has become a bit more rock-solid. My resolve to run this race and cross the finish line of my goals has gotten as strong as titanium. I've noticed that I am naturally starting to treat my writing as a job instead of me having to force myself into it.

Sitting at a computer for 10-11 hours a day can be overly daunting, not to mention boring. But I find myself sinking into my projects easier. I find my brain switching tracks to work mode with a smoother transition. I'm not sure what to attribute it to. Maybe that our rent was still $200 short an hour before it had to be turned in the week before last. We made rent. God came through in the eleventh hour. But the whole situation broke a vial of determination in me. Maybe that was the purpose for things to come down to the wire...to bring forth my true potential. Maybe my new passion can be attributed to God instilling in me a stronger sense of purpose. Writing is who I am. It is what I do. It is what I was created to do. Maybe I'm just tired of going in circles with what I want to get done...getting a little ahead, running out of steam, and then circling back around to the beginning again.

Whatever the reason, I found myself cutting more nonsense out of my life over the last week. I'm not getting caught up dinking around on Facebook while I'm trying to get my projects done. I am finding it easier to say no to those that want some of my time - not because I don't want to give them my time, but simply because I have rearranged a few of my priorities. Drama is creating a detestable taste in my mouth now. I realize how it can easily rob me of time and energy and leave me with nothing but regret and even some resentment toward the person or persons that caused the drama in my life - if it was a person that caused it.

I like that I am naturally evolving into this creation. A writer who takes my writing a bit more seriously. Not that I don't make time for fun or spending quality time with family and friends. But I am learning when to say no. When to cut off the fat of the day and get down to business, and when to relax and take a breather because I've gotten so much work done. Everything has a time. Everything has a season. And now is the season to till the ground, to get these projects off the ground. I can ease up a bit once things start snowballing. But until then, a little elbow grease won't hurt anyone.

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