Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Taste Of The Bizarre

Last weekend I had a signing at Bookmans in Mesa. It went well. Sold 8 books in three hours. This signing felt much easier as far as my nerves were concerned. I'm getting used to approaching people, talking comfortably about my book, and promoting myself as an author. It's taken a bit to get me out of my shy, introverted ways, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of things.

I've noticed, no matter where I have my book signings at, I always meet some interesting people. Or should I use the word diverse. Either way, I am always entertained and full of stories when I get out of my signings to tell friends and family. My brother told me just the other day that I should write a book about the interesting people I've met at my signings. We'll see.

This time was no different. One of the interesting people I met I already mentioned in my last post. She was a doozy. I met a girl with a pet rat she kept on her neck, and had one guy tell me his bizarre story idea that had something to do with a dinosaur, hover boards, and the moon and, after he was all done telling it to me, said I would probably end up stealing his idea and using it as my own. The Cat in the Hat was roaming around the store and a Greyhound adoption was taking place. Girl Scout cookies were being sold outside (as they are at almost all of my signings) and then you can top all that off with my family visiting me. Never a dull moment. I love it!

My highlight at the last signing I had a couple weeks ago was having the store put my book on their shelf. The highlight for me this time was having someone who purchased my book ask to have their picture with me. Yes, I 'm sure I blushed. It was an honor and it was, frankly, the first time I've had someone that I didn't know ask me for that. Her name was Beverly. She was awesome.

This coming Saturday I have my last book signing of February at Bookmans in Phoenix. I wonder what interesting things are going to happen there...

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