Friday, March 11, 2011

The Great Witch Evanescence - A Character Profile

Since I like to post on aspects of writing on Fridays, I figured I'd take some time out today and introduce everyone to one of the villains from my stories - Evanescence. Also known in some circles as the Great Witch. She is a character found in my current scifi/fantasy series, Black Earth, and will be found in my young adult series - Expired Reality - debuting this summer. As a side note, Expired Reality takes place 100 years after the events of Black Earth, just so everyone is clear on the chronology of events in regards to the references made in this post.

Evanescence is a powerful, nefarious witch who first made an appearance in the original drafts of my young adult novels years ago.Her birth came when I attempted to create a dark, mystical character who had, at one point in the past, fought for Earth's destruction and almost perished because of it. During this great battle - which will be told toward the end of my Black Earth novel series - Evanescence is drained of most of her magic and health and is forced to go into hiding on the planet of Anaisha. There, she enchants one of Anaisha's richest men, Jerad Montlier, using his money and power to gain herself sanctuary in his home while she regenerates her dark powers.
Magazine ad that served as inspiration for Evanescence

A lieutenant in Satan's own army, Evanescence is currently found in my Black Earth series as a lieutenant in the merged armies of Satan and the alien entity known as Legion. Together, these forces travel through the universe, smothering planets in darkness and emptying them of life before destroying them completely.

Evanescence is more than a witch, she is also mother to an immortal girl named Pearl. Pearl can be found in the Black Earth books, at first trying to kill herself in a desperate attempt to avoid having to watch what will become of the Earth at the hands of her evil mother. Despite Evanescence's attempts to gain Pearl's assistance in destroying the earth, Pearl refuses and quickly becomes enemies with her mother. This feud is only agitated when Pearl decides to pursue romance with a mortal.

In the Black Earth series, Evanescence's character is usually always presented with blue color schemes. She is seen in the novels wearing a bright blue corset and gown. Her eyes glow cerulean and her black hair is streaked with blue. She wears a necklace that carries a sparkling blue gem - possibly one of the sources of her powerful magic.

Evanescence's weapon of choice is a silver staff that she uses both to attack her foes with dark magic and to control the black mist of Legion. The staff also enables her to call forth terrible creatures - such as hellhounds - which she looses upon the planets she is conquering. Although in the Expired Reality series she is first seen as a somewhat decrepit woman who lacks any powers at all, she is still able to enchant and deceive almost any mortal she comes across.

Look for Evanescence in Black Earth: End of the Innocence, Black Earth: The Broken Daisy, and throughout the upcoming Expired Reality series debuting this summer.


Anonymous said...

T minus 3 hours until your interview posts. This is a very cool little insight into the creation of one of your characters. Its always interesting to check out your posts here.

Unknown said...

Glad you like it! Thanks for checking it out and I'll be sure to spread word about the interview. Great job with it, by the way. :)