Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Quick Update

As you can all tell, I've been away from my blog for the last week or so. Don't worry, it's nothing any of you did. I've just been busy packing up our home for our upcoming move to San Francisco to take part in the Canvas church plant. I figured I'd drop in today and let you all know what I have planned on the horizon - things I'm aiming to get done in the upcoming months...

1. The Crossover Alliance Giveaway
The big giveaway via The Crossover Alliance is over, and I will be announcing the winners tomorrow, both through my usual social networking outlets and this blog.

2. Expired Reality Cover Design
Since I have moved the Expired Reality series out of the young adult market, I have some new cover designs I'll be working on. I already have basic groundwork set up for these, I just have to find some time to work on them.

3. The Black Earth/Expired Reality Timeline
This nifty timeline I created needs to be updated and improved upon. I have some ideas on linking character profiles to the timeline and maybe even some short fiction pieces, but it's another project that will take me some time to build out.

4. The Black Earth Quad Pack
I do have plans of combining the four novels in my Black Earth series into a digital four-pack, similar to my Black Earth Double Pack.

5. The 3rd Novel in the Expired Reality Series (Tentatively Titled: Dark Horizons)
This novel has been through many revisions over the last few years, but has yet to see daylight. This is the main manuscript I will be working on this year once I'm finally settled in San Francisco. The novel will serve as the groundwork to bring the Expired Reality series into the edgier feel that the Black Earth series contains.

6. More Goodies
I have some more side stories, novellas, and Black Earth/Expired Reality content I want to work on this next year, so keep your eyes peeled! For now, I'm heading back into my mess of an office to get this room packed up and ready for the Bay Area!

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