Friday, August 24, 2012

New Compendium Entry, Interview, and Email Newsletter

This week I gave you all a glimpse into one of the most important characters in my Black Earth series, Daisy Pierce, and I discussed faith and it's place in Christian fiction. Today I'm happy to say that a new entry to the website Compendium has been added: Daisy Pierce's character profile.

For those who are curious what the Compendium is, it is a (ultimately) massive database that I am building from the ground up that will house information on any and all things from both my Black Earth and my Expired Reality series. Each week, new entries will be added to the Compendium.

Chat With Giovanni From Gelati's Scoop
I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and talk with Giovanni from Gelati's Scoop - an extensive book review site - yesterday, and we talked about my Black Earth series, the challenges of building a fan base as a self-published author, and other great discussion points. You can listen to that session here -

September Email Newsletter
The next edition of the email newsletter will be going out soon. Sign up here. I also have a secret project that I am working on at the moment. Something in regards to the Edgy Christian Speculative Fiction genre. I'll be talking a little bit about it in the newsletter, so make sure not to miss out on this issue! 

New FB Group
I mentioned this last week, but a new Facebook group has been created - Edgy Christian Speculative Fiction. The group is designed to bring attention to this unique genre, and all are available to join. Check it out here -

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